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We have a wide variety of ministries at Holy Nation Church through which we fulfil our passion to publish the Gospel. 

We have a dynamic and committed team of Children & Youth Workers who ensure that our young people are well looked-after pastorally; we run Sunday groups for children all the way through from ages 0 - 18, as well as a Saturday group for young adults.

Our Home Group leaders have gone through rigorous training and are passionate about people; they are the backbone to our pastoral care for church members. 

We run a fantastic Discipleship Training Programme to help our members discover more about what it means to be a Christian and to equip our members to live out their unique, God-given calling.


In particular, each week, we have several evangelistic outreaches, including two street outreaches, a ministry to hospitals, a nursing home outreach and a homeless ministry.


We have a number of prayer meetings during the week, each with a different focus, such as in praying for Great Britain or persecuted believers worldwide. We also run prayer days and prayer retreats, as well as daily prayer on conference call or zoom. 


We are passionate about our children and young people and hold five groups specifically for them.


These groups provide Bible teaching, pastoral oversight, fun and friendship!

Our dynamic and caring children and youth team is well-trained, equipped and ready to serve. 

We consider it vital to ensure that we maintain a safe and secure environment for our children and all children and youth workers undergo a full recruitment process, including a DBS check.


We run a fantastic discipleship course, which is central to our vision to help our members develop in their unique, God-given gifting and calling.


We have prayerfully crafted a combination of both practical and theoretical lessons to enable believers to further their potential in Christ. There are four stages to the programme, including Leadership Training classes.


The aim of the course is not primarily to enhance our theological understanding, but rather to develop hearts that are sold out for the kingdom.


Our discipleship training programme is unique to our church and is open to all of our members.

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At home, we do weekly outreaches in London, hold mission days and nationwide short missions.

Preaching the Gospel and sharing our faith is in our DNA. We have regular outreaches where we do street preaching, hand out leaflets and share the gospel message with people. 

You are welcome to join us for our street outreaches on Tuesdays and particularly on Friday nights in Central London. 


In line with our calling and vision, we run several overseas missions every year across the globe.


We aim to support, serve and help to build the overseas churches with whom we work through practical work and also through various types of Church meetings, including crusades and seminars. 

All those who are gradutaed from our Discipleship Training Programme are invited to participate in our Mission work.

Home Groups

Home Groups are a key element in the pastoral care structure at Holy Nation Church. They provide a supportive atmosphere in which members pray for one another, learn together from God's Word and are able to further develop in their gifts and calling.


We have several groups in a variety of London locations, meeting on different days and times on a weekly basis. All our members are welcome to join a Home Group!

Mercy Ministries

We love to serve those who are in need, particularly the rough sleepers and those in hospitals and care centres. 

Every Monday, we run a street outreach programme for rough sleepers in Westminster area, we provide them with food parcels and encourage them to get help. 

Every Friday, we run nursing home ministry at a centre in South London where we love to sings songs, give a listening ear and pray for the residents. 

Every Saturday, we run a hospital outreach at London hospitals where we pray for those who need healing and reach out to patients and visitors with the love of God.

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